Vesigen Therapeutics' $28.5 Million Series A Financing

Vesigen Therapeutics' $28.5 Million Series A Financing


Vesigen Therapeutics' $28.5 Million Series A Financing

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati advised Vesigen Therapeutics on the deal.

Vesigen Therapeutics has raised $28.5 million from groups including Bayer and Morningside Ventures, Linden Lake Ventures and Alexandria Venture Investments, with the objective to overcome the hurdle of targeted intracellular drug delivery of next-generation therapeutics, such as CRISPR-cas9, RNA molecules and other therapeutic proteins, by using a proprietary delivery technology. 

New modalities, such as gene editing, mRNA replacement, and RNA interference, have huge potential for future therapies and even curative treatments. However, delivery of these modalities to target disease in specific cells and tissues has proven difficult. As more than 80 percent of identified and biologically validated drug targets are located within a human cell, there is a high need for innovative intracellular delivery technology to transport these molecules to the target and unlock the full potential of new therapeutic modalities. Vesigen is developing a novel delivery technology that addresses this hurdle and opens new pathways to transformative treatment options for patients. Vesigen will use the capital raised to build out the novel delivery technology platform as well as to advance numerous therapeutic agents into preclinical and clinical development.

Vesigen Therapeutics is a biotechnology company advancing groundbreaking therapies directed to intracellular targets using a fusogenic extracellular vesicle delivery technology. Our patented technology, called ARMMs (ARRDC1 Mediated Microvesicles), enables the delivery of a wide range of payloads, including RNAs (mRNA, shRNA, ribozymes), proteins (signaling proteins, enzymes, antibody fragments), and gene-editing complexes (Cas9/gRNA) directly into the cytoplasm of target cells, expanding the universe of druggable targets. The team is committed to leveraging ARMMs technology to develop transformative medicines and address currently unmet medical needs. 

The Wilson Sonsini team included Mark Solakian (Picture), Jake Gatof, Priyanka Nawathe,Timothy Featherston, Vern Norviel and Prashant Girinath.