Intel Corporation's Acquisition Of Moovit

Intel Corporation's Acquisition Of Moovit


Intel Corporation's Acquisition Of Moovit

Hogan Lovells and Yigal Arnon represented Intel Corporation on the deal, Moovit was represented by Goodwin Procter LLP while GKH advised Sequoia Capital, BRM, Hanaco Ventures, Gemini, Nokia Ventures, L.P on the deal.

The addition of Moovit brings Intel’s Mobileye closer to achieving its plan to become a complete mobility provider, including robotaxi services, which is forecast to be an estimated US$160 billion opportunity by 2030, according to the company press release.

Moovit is known for its urban mobility application that offers travelers around the world the best multimodal trip planning by combining public transportation, bicycle and scooter services, ride-hailing, and car-sharing. Moovit has raised $133 million from investors including Sequoia Capital, BRM, Hanaco Ventures, Gemini and Nokia Ventures.

Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, in Silicon Valley.

The Hogan Lovells team was led by Silicon Valley Corporate partners Jane Ross (Picture) and Rick Climan with support from senior associates Dylan Hanson and Stephen Grodski, and associates Samantha Seiden and Ariel Keller. The team also included IP partner John Brockland, senior associate Max Scott, and associates Whei Hsueh and Conner Griffith. Partner Michael Frank and senior associate Laura Szarmach advised on employee benefits. Partners Scott Loughlin, T. Weymouth, and Aleksandar Dukic, senior associates Mohammad Amer and Nathan Salminen, and associate Patrick de Laperouse advised on regulatory matters. Partner Jasper Howard and senior associate Caitlin Piper advised on tax. Counsel Tao Leung and associate Ashley King worked on labor. Partners Logan Breed, Dr. Falk Schoening and associate Olga Fleysh advised on antitrust.

The Goodwin team was led by Michael Russell, Anthony McCusker and Abbey Cummings and included Crescent Chasteen, Rachel Smith, James Devendorf, Kevin Lam, Kelsey Lemaster, Paul Jin, Jacob Osborn, Jessica Rothstein, Jacqueline Klosek, Emily Hingston, Alexander Plaum, Garret Gaughan, Sean Kwak, Jonathan Ng, Federica De Santis, Justin Pierce, Sarah Tauman, Joni Noggle and Alexandra Vaccaro.

The Yigal Arnon team was led by Advs. Barak Platt and Ezra Gross, and included Ben Sandler, Josh Hauser, Daniel Green, Miriam Friedmann, Dr. Eran Lempert, Peter Sugarman, Tali Har-Oz, Sophy Litvin, Alona Toledano, Chaim Cohen, Hadar Stein, Nir Kamhi, Tal Slabbaert, Tali Salzman, Chaya Alexandra Kong and our interns Maya Haran, Danya Sakols and Noah Levi.

The GKH team consisted of Dr. Ayal Shenhav, Shmulik Atias, Ran Cohen, Oren Biran and Shay Fahima.

Involved Lawyers

Sean Kwak - Goodwin Knight Law LLP
Jonathan Ng - Goodwin Knight Law LLP
Joni Noggle - Goodwin Knight Law LLP
Crescent Moran Chasteen - Goodwin Procter
Abbey Cummings - Goodwin Procter
Federica De Santis - Goodwin Procter
James Devendorf - Goodwin Procter
Rachel Faye Smith - Goodwin Procter
Garrett Gaughan - Goodwin Procter
Emily Gourdine Hingston - Goodwin Procter
Paul Jin - Goodwin Procter
Jacqueline Klosek - Goodwin Procter
Kevin Lam - Goodwin Procter
Kelsey Lemaster - Goodwin Procter
Jacob Osborn - Goodwin Procter
Justin Pierce - Goodwin Procter
Alexander Plaum - Goodwin Procter
Michael Russell - Goodwin Procter
Sarah Tauman - Goodwin Procter
Alexandra Vaccaro - Goodwin Procter
Shmulik Atias - Gross Kleinhendler Hodak Halevy Greenberg Shenhav & Co
Oren Biran - Gross Kleinhendler Hodak Halevy Greenberg Shenhav & Co
Ran Cohen - Gross Kleinhendler Hodak Halevy Greenberg Shenhav & Co
Shay Fahima - Gross Kleinhendler Hodak Halevy Greenberg Shenhav & Co
Ayal Shenhav - Gross Kleinhendler Hodak Halevy Greenberg Shenhav & Co
Mohammad Amer - Hogan Lovells
Logan Breed - Hogan Lovells
John Brockland - Hogan Lovells
Richard Climan - Hogan Lovells
Patrick de Laperouse - Hogan Lovells
Aleksandar Dukic - Hogan Lovells
Olga Fleysh - Hogan Lovells
Michael Frank - Hogan Lovells
Conner Griffith - Hogan Lovells
Stephen Grodski - Hogan Lovells
Dylan Hanson - Hogan Lovells
Jasper Howard - Hogan Lovells
Whei Hsueh - Hogan Lovells
Ariel Keller - Hogan Lovells
Ashley King - Hogan Lovells
Tao Leung - Hogan Lovells
Scott Loughlin - Hogan Lovells
Caitlin Piper - Hogan Lovells
Jane Ross - Hogan Lovells
Nathan Salminen - Hogan Lovells
Falk Schoening - Hogan Lovells
Max Scott - Hogan Lovells
Samantha Seiden - Hogan Lovells
Laura Szarmach - Hogan Lovells
Clark Weymouth - Hogan Lovells
Chaim Cohen - Yigal Arnon & Co
Miriam Friedmann - Yigal Arnon & Co
Daniel Green - Yigal Arnon & Co
Ezra Gross - Yigal Arnon & Co
Tali Har-Oz - Yigal Arnon & Co
Maya Haran - Yigal Arnon & Co
Josh Hauser - Yigal Arnon & Co
Nir Kamhi - Yigal Arnon & Co
Chaya Alexandra Kong - Yigal Arnon & Co
Eran Lempert - Yigal Arnon & Co
Noah Levi - Yigal Arnon & Co
Sophy Litvin - Yigal Arnon & Co
Barak Platt - Yigal Arnon & Co
Danya Sakols - Yigal Arnon & Co
Tali Salzman - Yigal Arnon & Co
Benjamin Sandler - Yigal Arnon & Co
Tal Slabbaert - Yigal Arnon & Co
Hadar Stein - Yigal Arnon & Co
Peter Sugarman - Yigal Arnon & Co
Alona Toledano - Yigal Arnon & Co


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Gemini Investors
Hanaco Ventures
Intel Corporation
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