Francesco del Bene -  Avocom Law Firm Llp in alliance with Arkios Legal

Francesco del Bene

Avocom Law Firm Llp in alliance with Arkios Legal


Francesco del Bene

Avocom Law Firm Llp in alliance with Arkios Legal


Working Languages: Italian, English

Francesco del Bene is senior partner in Avocom Law Firm Llp Milan office and Of Counsel, and the head of the Banking and Finance department of Arkios Legal. He was Of Counsel and Partner of leading international law firms as well as Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the AVOCOM Independent Netwok - STUDI PROFESSIONISTI ASSOCIATI / Avocom Law Firm Llp currently in alliance with Arkios Legal.

He graduated in Law and earned a master’s degree in Banking and Finance Law.

He specializes in the field of financial intermediation, banking law and structured finance [non-performing loans, CLOs (Collateralized Loan Obligations) and CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligations), CMBS (Commercial mortgage-backed securities), CLN (Credit Linked Notes) )], of corporate loans - working capital transactions, new investments, medium or long-term debt restructuring -, securitisations, M&A, real estate finance, project finance.

Author of essays, articles, entries in treatises and collective works, monographs, he was, for over a decade, Professor of Banking Law and Institutions of Private Law at various universities as well as Visiting Professor, at the Helsinki School Of Economics and Business Law, Helsinki.

He is a speaker at numerous conferences, workshops, symposia, conferences and study seminars at national and international level on corporate, financial and banking law.

He has been counted among the most accredited Italian leading lawyers in the Banking & Finance sector by the most authoritative international Directories (PLC WHICH LAWYER, European Legal Expert, LEGAL 500 EMEA, Chambers Europe, Chambers Global).

Corporate INTL Magazine and Global Law Experts, ACQ Global Awards, mainly, have awarded him various awards in the Banking & Finance area.

He has been a legal consultant, mainly in matters of corporate governance and savings protection, of the VI Permanent Finance and Treasury Commission of the Senate of the Republic (Pres. Sen. Hon. Giorgio Benvenuto) and has coordinated, in the past, the research activity and study of the Scientific Committee of the Parliamentary Studies Institute (Rome) as well as having collaborated with the “Luigi Einaudi” Institute for Monetary, Banking and Financial Studies (Rome).

He has held and currently holds positions as director of multinational companies, also listed on foreign regulated markets.


Francesco del Bene

Lawfirm: Avocom Law Firm Llp in alliance with Arkios Legal

Address: Largo Donegani, 3

City: Milano

Jurisdiction: ITALY

Phone: +39 0230314164 - +39 028692045


Web-site: -


Francesco del Bene of Arkios Legal has a knowledge of current developments in local, national and world business, the capacity to have a close working relationship with our company and a indisputable ability to solve problems.

Prof. Francesco del Bene is very close-knit and dynamic, with an excellent ability to serve clients in a timely and efficient manner. Francesco is open to discuss and to contribute with creative ideas of high value. He is smart, committed, hardworking and always delivers. A genius. Very proud to work with him.

Francesco is an exemplary lawyer, always attentive to the needs of the client, great empathic ability, exceptional technical-legal preparation and great negotiating skills. The solutions he proposes are often truly brilliant and leave the customer surprised by their effectiveness in solving all the problems encountered. A real Star in his areas of expertise.

Dear Sir/Madame, we are proud to deal with Prof. Avv. Francesco Del Bene and all his Team. They are top professional, efficiency, technical skills and very hard workers. We are satisfied for the result and we will continue our future program. Best Regards

Francesco del Bene's competencies

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Corporate M&AITALY8035251
Practice Area Jurisdiction Rank Agg. Deals Value Clients Dimension N. of Transactions Last Quarter

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