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Congratulations on your listing in PBV Directory. The guidelines below provide you with the tools you need to publicly showcase your honors.

You are permitted to mention in advertisements that you are recognized by PBV Directory, but not to suggest that a listing in PBV Directory guarantees a desired result.
The PBV Directory methodology is annual, national and practice area based. All compliant announcements contain the year, country, and awarded practice areas.

It is not permissible to alter or modify the PBV Directory logo in any way.

The logo may be used in the following ways:
Lawyer or firm's website
Footer of email messages
Print or online marketing
Marketing brochures
Social media websites

Legal advertising is regulated by your state or jurisdiction. It is the sole responsibility of the advertiser to first comply with jurisdictional guidelines. Always refer to your state or local bar society’s rules if you have specific questions or concerns.

The PBV Directory publicizing guidelines contain general recommendations but are not intended to be legal advice. PBV Monitor assumes no responsibility for advertiser compliance with jurisdictional guidelines.

These guidelines are subject to change without notice, and PBV Monitor may withdraw or change these guidelines at any time and for any reason.

PBV Directory is a registered trademark of PBV Monitor S.r.l.
The names, logo, and database are protected under the trademark and copyright laws in Italy.

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